Looking For Used Cash Registers?
Sharp, Samsung, Tec, Casio, and Other Used Registers For Sale

There are several good reasons to purchase used cash registers.

First of all, you can save hundreds of dollars and accomplish the same thing as you would with a new register.

Several reasons for buying a cash register used or reconditioned include...

  • Saving money
  • The manufacturer discontinued your model
  • You're looking for a complete back up unit
  • You need back up parts

If any of these situations apply, then it makes good sense to purchase a used cash register instead of a new one.

NOTE: If you're purchasing a low end cash register, I would strongly recommend buying a new cash register. There's no reason not to. You can pick up a brand new low end cash register for about $100.

However, if you're looking for a more expensive, "high end" cash register, you should definitely consider a reconditioned or used cash register.

Not only will you save a lot of money, but a high end cash register is built to last.

Things to consider when buying used cash registers include...

  • The reason for buying it used.
  • Do you need a warranty and how much does the warranty cost?
  • How much money are you saving by purchasing a used register?
  • Will you need an interface cable if you're going to use it with an existing system?

If you're going to use it as an additional terminal, you'll want to get a reconditioned cash register with a warranty. You'll pay a little more, but it's well worth it.

If you're going to use it for back up parts, you can purchase it "working as is" with no warranty to save money.

All of our used cash registers are in working condition.

Here's a very small list of what we have available.

Qty Item:

2   Tec FDS-300 Processors
4   Tec FDS-300 Keyboards (SKB-100)
6   Tec FDS-300 Terminals (BT-1432-A)
1   Tec POS Terminal ST-5601
1   Tec POS Terminal ST-5501-31-QM

1   17" SVGA CTX VL-710 Monitor
2   15" SVGA Monitors

1  Tec M-2300
1  Tec FS-1650
2  Tec BT1432A
8  Tec SL47
2  TEC RKP-300
1  TEC FC-70
1  TEC FC-71
1  TEC FDS-200

2  Omron RS81
2  Omron RS4043
1  Omron 199EXP-1
2  Omron 199EXP-2
1  Omron SP55
4  Omron CAT 053
4  Omron SP-590
1  Omron RS-4541

1  Samsung ER-2710

2  Dell Computer DCT
1  Dell Computer DHP

9  Link monitor MAX 700

1  Nesso FD570A

1  Citizen iDP 3210
1  Citizen iDP 3520
1  Citizen IDP3541

2  Veri-Fone Inc ZON Printer 100

1  AT&T 7134T

1  CTX Color Monitor 17" VL710

1  Casio TK1000

1  Optima CR 2300

1  Sharp ER-3231

1  HP C2005A
1  HP 89CSE

1  Panasonic 8213

3  Hugin Sweda 4000-1

5  Star Micronics 8340

5  AT&T/NCR Scale Scanners 2000

2  IBM Computer 42Y
4  IBM M7-1

1  Micros 400395

5  Epson TMU200
3  Epson TM-290
1  Epson TM-280
1  Epson TM-300D
1  Epson TM-U300PA

2  PSC 180901-205000

1  Panasonic JS-650RM

4  Digicom PCU

3  Spectra-Physics 750F

2  Uniwell 16 
1  Uniwell Ux7000

1  Lexmark Medley 4SK

1  Tatunk CM14UHE

1  TekVisions Sceptre

1  HSI HBL5000 series

1  Miracle MO935

1  Cash Drawer Assembly

To make an offer or if you're looking for other used cash registers , please use the contact form.

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