"How To Use A Cash Register"

"Learning how to use a cash register is easy when you watch
our unique step by step videos"

By watching these free videos, your cash register training will be a breeze!

Did you know you'll become proficient with your cash register when you become familiar with some of the terms used by your cash register manufacturer.

Learn a few simple terms, and in a very short time, you'll be able to do more than just use a cash register.

Please note, if you have a sharp electronic cash register, learn the sharp cash register terms.

If you have a tec electronic cash register, learn the tec cash register terms.

Let's look at an example.

The sharp electronic cash register defines a "Subtotal with no tax" as a "Merchandise Subtotal".

However, the tec electronic cash register defines a "Subtotal with no tax" as a "Subtotal".

The sharp electronic cash register defines a "Subtotal with tax" as a "Subtotal".

However, the tec electronic cash register defines a "Subtotal with tax" as a "Taxable Total".

So remember, learn a few simple terms and you'll be able to use a cash register with ease.

"Who will use the cash register"

Depending on the way your cash register is set up and programmed can determine how you will use the cash register.

Some cash registers need to know who will be ringing the cash register. This is accomplished by using a cashier or clerk key, or by logging in with a unique cashier number.

Note, you can program most cash registers to require a cashier to sign in before each sale or sign in only once at the beginning of their shift. Usually, this will depend on how many people will use the cash register. If there is more than one person using the cash register, you might program it to require a cashier to log in at the beginning of each sale.

You can track sales for each cashier this way. You can also make them accountable for the money in the cash drawer if you have two cash drawers.

Once you are logged into the cash register, you can start ringing up items. Of course, if you're working in a restaurant, you might have to tell the cash register which table your customer is sitting at, as well as, how many guests are sitting at that table. In other words, some cash registers may require you to enter more information than others. It really depends on how it is programmed.

Note: There are some cash registers that do not use cashiers at all.

"What will your customers buy"

Depending on how your cash register is programmed, you will either start pressing the items on the keyboard or you might scan a barcode.

If you have a small basic cash register, you might
enter the price of the item and press the appropriate
department or enter the plu number through the plu
(price look up) key on the keyboard.

"Will your customers pay you now or later"

When you're done ringing up the items, you will either finish the sale by collecting the money or you will store the order in the cash register temporarily.

If you store the order, like in a restaurant or drive thru application, you can recall the order later and add additional items or you can collect the money and finalize the sale.


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