Useful Information About Your Tec Electronic Cash Register

"If you own a tec electronic cash register, you should read this information"

Let's begin with the "S" key.

Did you know many cash register dealers WILL NOT tell you about this key.

You may find this hard to believe, but if you've owned a tec electronic cash register for many years, there's a good chance your service company has repaired your cash register at least once with the "S" key.

It's true, during the 15 years that I repaired cash registers, I would have to guess that I used the "S" key, hundreds, if not, thousands of times.

Are You Familiar With These Three Resets?

Most tec electronic cash registers have three different reset procedures and are only accessible using the "S" key.

Please note that I'm not referring to resetting your sales totals by taking "Z" reports.

The first type of reset is called an "All Memory Clear"

This reset is usually performed when you set up the machine for the very first time

In addition, if your tec electronic cash register becomes completely inoperative due to the battery discharging (low batteries) or if the program memory becomes corrupt (ie. power surge), the "All Memory Clear" operation MUST be carried out.

Note: When the "All Memory Clear" is performed, all of the cash register memory will be cleared (i.e., the programmed data and the sales data).

Warning: This type of reset deletes all programmed data and sales data stored in the register’s memory. (i.e., the register goes back to the initial status.) Basically, it resets everything.

The second type of reset is called a "Sales Memory Clear" or "Data Clear"

This type of reset will only clear the sales data accumulated in the cash register’s memory (your sales totals). Your programming data will not be cleared. By performing a "Sales Memory Clear," all of the sales data (including non-resettable totals and counters, Reset Counters, Receipt Consecutive No., etc) are reset back to zero. Basically, all of the sales totals and counters you see when you take an "X" or "Z" report will be reset to zero.

Warning: This type of reset deletes all sales data (totals and counters) stored in the cash register’s memory.

The third and final type of reset is called a "Status Clear"

This type of reset will only clear an error or key-locked condition that disables normal operations. The sales data and the programmed data WILL NOT be cleared by a "Status Clear."

Note: If you perform a "Status Clear" in the middle of a sale, you'll lose that sales transaction. In addition, if you ring one item and perform a "Status Clear" before you finalize the sale, you'll have a small balancing problem. When you take a report, you'll see that you sold that one item, but you won't see the money in your cash total because you never pressed the cash key. As long as you're aware of this, it won't be a problem.

The "Status Clear" can also be used to obtain the condition “after all sales data resets” (as if all sales data had been reset) but will not actually affect any sales data. Such a condition is required in some programming operations and is usually obtained by taking the required "Z" reports. However, when you do not want the sales data to be reset (because you're still open for business, etc), the "Status Clear" can be very effective.

For instance, if you need to change your tax rate, you would first be required to take certain "Z" reports. However, you could perform a "Status Clear" instead of taking the required "Z" reports. By doing so, you'll achieve the same condition as taking the "Z" reports without clearing any of your totals.

The "Status Clear" is a SAFE procedure. You can perform this procedure while you're open for business and you can literally fix some of the problems with your tec electronic cash register.

Please enjoy these sample tec cash register videos

How to use a cash register

How to balance a cash register

Cash register programming

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Please note the videos are only a couple of minutes long!

If you need any help or have any questions about your tec electronic cash register please let us know!

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