What's The Sharp Cash Register Service Key Used For ?

If you buy a sharp cash register, it's important you receive the service key!

Why is it important?

The sharp service (SRV) key has been a well known secret for decades.

Did you know most Sharp cash registers have one or two hidden positions on the keylock? Usually, it's to the left of the "PGM" position.

It's true, you wouldn't know this unless you own an "SRV" key. A lot of Distributors won't tell you about this key for a good reason. You would be taking money out of their pocket.

Can The Service Key Repair My Sharp Cash Register?

If your sharp cash register has garbage on the display or if its completely dead, chances are you need a "service reset."

Now, it may seem as if you need to place a service call.

But in reality, your battery could be a little low or maybe you had a power surge.

There's a good chance that all you need to do is perform a "service reset."

But that's not all the service key is used for. A lot of Sharp cash registers have "service mode" programming where you initially define exactly what you need.

When you purchased your cash register, chances are your distributor set everything up and programmed your machine. At the time, it's possible you didn't want to use a particular function.

You may have told them that you didn't want a discount key, so they disabled the discount key in the "service mode" using the "service key."

So, here's what happens.

All of a sudden, you decide you would like to offer your employees or senior citizens a discount.

You call the Distributor and tell them you would like to add a couple of discount keys. Of course, they tell you someone will be right there to take care of it and then they give you the bill.

If you had the "SRV" key, you could do it yourself.

NOTE: Some newer Sharp models will allow you to perform service mode programming in the "PGM" mode. Of course, this is only if your distributor allowed you to have access to it.

You would be surprised with the amount of programming options available in the service mode.

Most sharp cash register owners are not even aware that it exist.

Bottom line, if you don't have a "SRV" key, you need to get one.

If your particular model doesn't use a service key, then you need to know how to reset your machine in case you have any problems.

All of them have a reset procedure!

If you'd like to receive more information and learn the procedure for how to use the service key, please use the sharp cash register contact form.

Did you know:

1.) Most Sharp cash registers have periodic reports. Sharp refers to these reports as "X1", "X2", "Z1", and "Z2" reports. For example, you can run X1 or Z1 reports at the end of each week and possibly run your X2 and Z2 reports at the end of each month.

2.) If your keyboard appears to be dead and your display is still working, it's possible your printer is locked up. Maybe an object has fallen into the printer or the motor is starting to fail.

NOTE: Motors generally don't completely fail at once. More than likely, they stop on a bad spot. If this is the case, you can temporarily fix it with the "SRV" key, until you get a new motor.

3.) If your cash drawer won't open, you need to determine if it's a mechanical or electrical problem. If it opens with a key or with the emergency lever on the bottom of the cash drawer, then it's an electrical problem.

If it doesn't open with a key or the lever, something is physically in the way.

TIP: Insert a long ruler into the cash drawer and move it from side to side to move what's in the way. The ruler needs to be thin and strong.

If you need professional assistance with your Sharp cash register, free help is available. Please use the contact us form.

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