"Omron Cash Registers "

"I've supported hundreds of businesses with Omron Cash Registers since 1985"

If you need Omron training, you're in luck.

Are you having a hard time finding parts or manuals, because they're still available.

If you need help with taking reports or balancing your cash register, please let us know!

Programming can be done over the phone. You can also order a programming manual and do it yourself.

Did you know if you're having a problem with programming, it's very possible you need to take the appropriate "Z" report(s).

Most of the accessories are still available. We have a good selection of keys, take-up spools, manuals, printers, keyboards, and cash drawer parts.

We do require everyone to initially communicate with us using the contact us form. If you need help, please use the omron cash registers contact form.


You need to take one or more different "Z" reports before you can "Program" certain things (ie., servers, departments, plu's, etc.).

If the cash drawer doesn't close properly, chances are you can tighten the drawer latch spring.

You can repair your machine with an "I-Clear" procedure. (Some Omron models used a switch and some used an "S" key)

If you lose power in the middle of a sale, your cash register will not balance correctly if the I-Clear switch was left in the on position.

If the date and time starts to change by itself, you need to replace the batteries.

If your machine "starts beeping like crazy," you either need to validate a slip or you have debris (ie., paper or dust) in the validation sensor or it's possible you turned the key to a different position before you completed a procedure. Turn the key to different positions and see if it stops beeping.

If your machine started turning off and on all by itself, chances are your voltage selector switch is dirty.

If your machine freezes up and doesn't respond, chances are, your printer motor is going bad.

There's dozens of tips and tricks you can learn about your omron cash register.

If you need any help, please use the Contact Us Form


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