"Cash Register Programming Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This!"

Cash register programming is a breeze when someone shows you how to do it

Did you know all cash registers have a battery inside the machine to protect the cash registers information?

The cash registers battery will usually be a Ni-Cad rechargable battery that solders onto the memory board or the battery will have a connector that plugs into the memory board. This type of battery is usually a 2.4 or 3.6 volt rechargeable battery.

If your battery has a connector and it plugs into the memory board, you're in luck. You can easily replace this kind of battery yourself without losing any of the cash registers information.

Just remember, be sure the cash register is plugged in and turned on when replacing this kind of battery or you will lose all of the cash register programming.

It's also possible that your particular cash register uses standard AA, C or D size batteries. You can replace these batteries very easily. If your cash register uses this type of battery, you should replace them once per year.

TIP: Did you know if the cash registers battery solders onto the memory board, it's possible to replace it without losing the program?

For free information on how to do this, please use the Contact Us form.

Regardless of which type of battery is in your cash register, always be sure to print out and/or backup your program BEFORE replacing the battery.

Please note, if you've already entered sales for the day, it's important to take an "X" and/or "Z" report before you replace the cash registers battery.

"If your cash register has an "S" key available, make sure you get one immediately"

The "S" key can be your best friend if you run into any problems while programming your cash register.

As a matter of fact, this special key can fix a wide range of problems including power related problems.

Did you know on a Tec electronic cash register,
you may need to run a particular "Z" report before
you can even change the program.

Of course, if you have an "S" key, you can perform a Status Clear which will allow you to make programming changes without taking the required "Z" report(s).

For instance, if you need to change the tax rate on a Tec electronic cash register, you can only do this AFTER you run a Financial "Z" report unless you have an "S" key.

The Sharp electronic cash register also uses a "S" key. The "SRV" key can fix a wide of problems and you can do additional "SRV" mode cash register programming only with this key.

Most cash register dealers won't tell you about this key.

The Service key will also allow you to add or move keys around on your keyboard and basically define how the cash register will function.

Please use the Contact Us form to find out if this key is available on your particular cash register.

Do it now, it's that important!

Imagine, it's the weekend and your cash register just locked up. There's a good chance you'll be able to fix your cash register by using this special key.

"You'll Save Money"

Do you want to add new items to your cash register?

Do you need to change your tax rate?

Would you like to add an employee or senior citizen discount?

It doesn't matter! You can easily do your own cash register programming and save YOUR money!


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