"A Cash Register Drawer Is Easy To Repair When You Watch This Video"

All cash register drawers share the same types of problems.

Did you know the most common problem is a bad drawer roller. If the drawer is sluggish and not moving freely, chances are you have a broken or a worn out drawer roller. Remove the cash register drawer tray and then remove the actual drawer to inspect all of the rollers.

There's two types of rollers used on most cash drawers. The first type are held in place with a clip and the second type screw into the drawer. It's more common for the rollers that screw into the drawer to go bad. Over time, they will wear out. All you need to do is locate a new drawer roller and you can replace it yourself with a screwdriver.

"Let's uncover the most common problems with a cash register drawer"

If your cash drawer does not close when you push it in, chances are you have...

.A bad drawer roller
.A broken or worn out drawer latch return spring
.The drawer latch assembly is dirty and it is not moving freely
.The drawer rails are bent in so when you close the drawer it doesn't line
up with the drawer latch assembly

On the other hand...

If your cash register drawer does not open, you need to determine if the problem is electrical or mechanical.

Try opening the cash register drawer with a key.

If the drawer opens with a key, then it's an electrical problem or a bad connection or possibly a programming issue. Maybe one of the two wires soldered to the drawer solenoid has broken loose. This is a very common problem. If this is the issue, unplug your cash register and solder the broken wire back onto the solenoid and you should be good to go.

Now, if the drawer does not open with a key, you need to see if it opens when you ring up a sale or when you take a report. If the drawer opens when you ring up a sale, then it's a mechanical problem. Usually, the wire that connects the drawer lock to the latch assembly is no longer connected. Replace or reconnect the wire to the drawer lock and you should be back in business.

If the drawer does not open when you ring up a sale or with the drawer key, then something is jammed and physically keeping it from opening. One of the most common problems would be the bill depressor in the cash registers drawer tray has flipped up. If this is the case, I've personally used a flat ruler to fix this kind of problem. Try inserting the ruler in the top corner of the cash drawer and move the ruler from side to side. You're trying to physically move what's in the way.


If your cash register displays "Close Cash Drawer" and the drawer IS closed, you're drawer compulsory switch is bad. Please note, you can turn off drawer compulsion in the program and you will be able to ring up sales until you replace the switch.

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