"Learn Cash Registers The Quick And Easy Way"

"Are you frustrated in your search for good cash register information?"

If you want to learn cash registers by email or phone, please listen up.

Finally, cash register training at its best. You'll get step by step instructions and learn some of the secrets guarded by cash register dealers to this day. You can have access to over 16 years of personal cash register experience.

View the sample cash register videos and see for yourself how easy it would be to learn cash registers this way.

Our sample videos include...

.How to use a cash register
.How to balance a cash register
.How to program a cash register, and
.How to repair a cash register

All sample videos are located toward the end of the appropriate page and it takes just minutes to watch each video.

Cash register training doesn't get any better than this!
Learn some of the most popular cash registers on the market.

.Sharp electronic cash register
.Samsung cash register
.Tec electronic cash register,
.Royal cash registers

Please use the contact form to make a request.

If you need assistance with other cash registers including "Casio", "Omron", "Sanyo", "Uniwell", or any other brand, please let us know.

"You don't need any prior knowledge of cash registers"

You can learn everything from installing the paper and ribbon to performing basic cash register repairs. Find out the most common problems with...

.cash register drawers
.cash register keyboards
.cash register printers and
.cash register displays

"Just Point And Click"

Just point and click to watch the sample cash register videos. These videos would eliminate the need for any specialized cash register training.

Imagine how easy it would be to learn cash registers this way. Most people find there's no better way to learn about their cash registers.


We have manuals available for most makes and models. Save money and program it yourself.

You can order cash register parts from us and install it yourself.

If you need "Parts", "Manuals", "Accessories", "Keys", "Personalized Videos" or "ANYTHING at all related to cash registers, please use the Contact Us form and let us know.

Help is always available!



Did you know most cash registers have a special key or reset procedure that will fix a wide range of problems. Do you have this key?

Did you know you should always have a current print out and/or backup of your program in case your cash register loses its program. If you don't have a current copy, you need to print one out and/or backup the program now!

Did you know you should have a dedicated and isolated ground circuit for your cash register. If you're having any unusual or unexplained problems with your cash register, it could be a power related problem. A good power conditioner can help dramatically! Do not confuse a power conditioner with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

And remember, please use the Contact Us form if you need help or have any questions about your particular cash register.

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